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How to stop Pubg addiction.

Amritesh Singh Thakur


24 August 2019


A boy was playing PUBG at midnight, his parents forced him to sleep – he replied “just 5 more minutes” and he played whole night.

Pubg is not just a game it’s a virtual world where most teenager lives together by violence in a peaceful way.As Pubg mobile craze takes over our country, this has become probably the first popular mobile game to be banned at someplace in India.

Playing pubg is not harmful but playing it continuously for hours can damage your eyes, make your brain tired due to brain fog and blue lights from overutilization of smartphone can make you suffer from insomnia.

A fitness trainer in jammu losses mental balance after playing Pubg for 10 days and his game ends in hospital, a 15 year old boy steals money from fathers account to participate in Pubg championship and two youth playing Pubg mowed down by train in Maharashtra.

The government, the police and some people blame the game itself but, is it really true?

From this article I would like to draw your attention towards various scientific reason behind Pubg addiction and I’ll also introduce various techniques to get rid from this addiction.

1) Pubg provide a  temporary escape from problems. Like alcohol, pubg gives us intent relief and escape from stress and problems which makes it more addictive and  this temporary escape becomes constructive habit. To overcome this, watch motivational videos and ted talks or read books(novels) other than playing Pubg.

2) Pubg is now becomed a social hobby.        Pubg is an online multiplayer game and we can play it with our friends. Like other social media pubg becomed a platform to communicate with friends by an advance feature of play along. Thus it becomed a social hobby. Most of the students started playing pubg when they feel socially excluded in their group of pubg gamers. School students plays pubg to look cool and they make it as a hobby. And when social hobby becomes social activity we get more motivated to perform it. To overcome this search an alternative hobby and friends who are involved in that hobby.

3) Pubg provide a sense of purpose or goal.Most of the students have not planned their future goals and they don’t have a purpose in their life. When this student plays pubg they get a virtual mission or goal and they get involved to fulfil that goal at any cost and this make pubg more addictive. To overcome this find a purpose in your life and book reading is the easiest way to find a purpose and goal in your life. Read motivational books like “Alchemist”, ” wings of fire” etc.

4) Pubg is a mission game and it provides level by level achievement which is making it more addictive. Most of us have a habit of procrastinating our daily tasks like studying because we believe studying daily is not an achievement. Constant measurable growth is very important for motivation and instead of study, we get that on pubg. And pubg provide rewards on every grade up which makes pubg more addictive. To overcome this make your daily time table of tasks and spend your whole day in fulfilling that tasks and set a reward at the end.

5) Habitual behaviour does not involve thinking. Habits are triggered by the association of environment, for example, we love to eat popcorn on cinema hall, not on the conference hall or a smoker love to smoke at lunch break like that pubg also become a habit and most student after coming from the school or college they play pubg. By doing this daily after school our environment, trigger this habit and at last, it becomes a daily activity. To overcome this try to do something else for 30 days other than pubg after entering home from school or college.

Playing pubg is not bad but making it as a hobby is dangerous. Pubg is a source of entertainment and its initial demand is zero which makes it more addictive. To overcome pubg addiction delete the application after playing and when u want to play again download so that it’s initial demand will become high and I am very much sure if u do this for 10 days repeatedly you can overcome pubg addiction.

Thank you for reading this article.


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