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Technique to reduce overthinking during studies

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Overthinking is a destructive disaster for students.There is nothing in this world that can trouble us as much as our own thoughts.
Thoughts are endless mental process which can be good as well as destructive too.
Truly thoughts are things (a powerful thing) if we mixed our thoughts with a persistence ,a burning desire or a definiteness of purpose then it will translate us into rich and successful.
But overthinking leads to negative thoughts.Overthinking is not an disease of disorder it just a mental phase from which every human being has to suffer.
And the main reason of overthinking is lack of concentration and focus.
Most of us over thinks a lot during studying, in boring lectures and mostly at washrooms.
Overthinking is bad but it can be destructive while studying.
Many students while studying after a certain minutes they switch their focus from studies and get mentally disappeared to day dreaming. Day dreaming is a kind of overthinking which challenges our persistence and focus and resulting in a huge waste of time. Most of us are suffering from this day dreaming and endless thoughts which disturbs us while studying.
From this article i will introduce you a technique and a mobile application which help us to get rid from that disturbing endless thought and help us to increase our focus, concentration during studies and saves our precious time.

First i will deal with the technique, it’s a very common and beneficial technique used by many scholars known as Pomodoro technique. When we study for 2 hour or more, our learning is more effective at beginning 25-30 min but after that we lost our focus in the middle , so the pomodoro technique is based to resolve this problem.It states that the learning , reading and concentration is more effective in starting 25-30 min period and at that period our brain functions the most ,so as per pomodoro technique take a 5 min break from studies after each 30 min cycle which help aur brain to get hydrated and maintain blood sugar level..this 5 min break can help us to increase our productivity and prevent us from distraction.

Sometime it become too complicated to use any technique and smart phone our main source of distraction makes it more difficult to get focused.There is an mobile applications named as TIDE which is based on this pomodoro technique and it helps us to follow this technique in a proper way.It have certain feature of auto focus and auto rest which saves our lot of time and it also calculate the exact time of aur focus during studies.This application have some more interesting feature to like meditation, relax and breathing .The application Tide also calculate our sleep cycle and have alarm feature too.U can utilize this application for studies and for various purpose to increase your productivity. It’s an smart application based on artificial intelligence which help us to make our work easier.

Thank you for reading this article.

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