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Phantom vibration syndrome :An emerging phenomenon

Amritesh Singh Thakur
Pharmacy student
Chattisgarh durg

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Mobile phone are innovation of new era’s technology. Around 5 billion people are using mobile phone worldwide. Mobile phone is an essential part of urban life. Most of us spend more time on cell phone and it is affecting our physical and mental health. People are using vibration alert mode in silence zone and its frequent use leads towards phantom vibration syndrome.
Phantom vibration syndrome is an emerging disorder due to excessive use of mobile phone.
Many people mainly keep our smartphones in pocket ,bags and most of us have experienced a feel of vibration in the skin adjacent to a pocket and we pull out our mobile phone, assuming it’s a text or some sort of notification but it was just a false alarm .Similarly many girls keep their phone in purse and imagine sometime that they have heard it vibrating or ringing but many time it too results in a false alarm. This phenomenon is known as Phantom pocket vibration syndrome. This syndrome is similar to Phantom pager syndrome which was reported in the era of pagers. Phantom vibration syndrome is a tactile hallucination in which brain perceive a stimulation that is not actually present and it can leads to various psychological disorders.

According to a research of Dr Michelle a professor and Indiana University in Fort Wayne reported that 89% of the undergraduate in his studies had experience this phantom vibration syndrome.
This phantom vibration syndrome occurs mainly with those who react more emotionally to text message or more dependent on some kind of notification which is bothering them.
Lets discuss some common condition when we can experience this is phantom vibration syndrome
1) when we are waiting for someone’s call or message for a long time we can experience this phantom vibration syndrome.
2) In state of anxiety we can experience this syndrome i.e. Declaration of result notification bothering can make us to experience this phenomenon.
3) In state of Mania, excitement i.e if you upload any picture on social media and you are over excited about likes and comments then you can experience this phantom vibration syndrome.
4) Many of us experienced this while driving bikes.

Sign and Symptoms of phantom vibration syndrome –
1) psychological stress
2) anxiety
3) hallucination
4) depression
5) emotional disturbance
6) attention defict

This phantom vibration syndrome increase the flow of neurotransmitters such as non adrenaline ,dopamine ,adrenaline and decrease the flow of serotonin and gaba which leads to anxiety and depression
Our body is always in waiting to anticipate any kind of technology interaction which usually comes from smartphones. With that anticipatory anxiety if we get any neurological stimulation like when our pants rubbing against our legs then and we might interpret due to anxiety “ohh my phone is vibrating” and this is due to various anxiety related neurotransmitter are making us interpret random neurological signals as potential cell phone transmission . sometime this phantom vibration syndrome can show symptoms of of major depression, antisocial personality, compulsive personality disorder, Mania etc.
So to overcome this anxiety reaction we have to start taking some major step to retrain ourself over this anxiety reaction.
This anxiety reaction are not good for us and will end up potentially keeping us so keyed after that we will not be able to focus for even rest.

Some preventive measures-:
1) Do a short mindful meditation session daily.
2) daily exercise
3) listen to music but not from phone
4) sing
5) practice a foreign language
6) read books, novel
7) take a short walk daily in nature ot just go outside daily for at least 10 minute.
8) talk to someone or share your feelings with someone but not on phone.

But majority of people make their habit of Keep checking their smartphone in every five minute which can be the major cause of phantom vibration syndrome. To change this habit we can use this tricks-
1) about every 90 minute – 2 hour do something for 10 minute away from technology which can help us to reduce our anxiety reaction level.
2) another trick is to only access social media or any communication website on a schedule of every 15 minutes, then turn them off during down time.
3) use various application on mobile phone which help us to detox this mobile phone addiction.

Thank you for reading this article.

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