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Don’t kill Shastri ji again.

Amritesh Singh thakur

2nd October 2019

2 October is a very special day which has changed Indian history. We all know that on 2nd of October Mahatma Gandhi Ji was born and we all celebrate this day as Gandhi Jayanti but on 2 nd October a great leader was also born whose contribution for Indian independence and services after independence has make an remarkable change in independence and development of India. The Lal bahadur Shastri Ji, our 2 nd prime minister who gave the slogan of “Jay javaan jay kisan”.
Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji was elected as 2nd prime minister of India after Nehru Ji. As prime minister he was challenged to solve problems like poverty, corruption , food shortage ,unemployment etc. He has also started the famous green revolution and white revolution. He was former railway minister and a important member of cabinet ministry too. He has participated in various activities like dandi March before independence. He was against the cast system, the minority and majority propaganda.
On 1965 India and Pakistan was engaged in war and India on the leadership of Shashtri Ji has dominated Pakistan. So to resolve the issue between India and Pakistan a pack was signed on Tashkent known as Tashkent pack and after signing this pact, Shastri Ji died on late night due to cardiac arrest on Taskent. According to Docters report, Sashstri Ji died due to heart failure and cardiac arrest but Shastri ji”s wife “Lalita devi” had claimed that he was poisoned.
Some historians claims that Sashtri ji along with Homi jahangir Bhabha was planning to make India a nuclear power country with nuclear weapon. And after the India Pakistan war of 1965, the secret agencies of America and Russia with the vision that India can dominate other country too like Pakistan are involved in the murder of Sashtri Ji. After some year Homi Bhabha also died in a planned plane crash.
It’s a great controversy but we all have killed Lal bhadur shastri ji again, we all are murderers. We have killed Lal bahadur shastri ji in our memories.
From this article, I want to question the education system of India that why they don’t teach much about Shastri  Ji? I want to question the current leaders why they don’t celebrate Shastri ji birthday along with Gandhi ji?
This 2nd of October don’t kill Shastri ji again in memories.

Thank you for reading this article.

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