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Benefits of cold shower

Amritesh Singh Thakur
Durg Chhattisgarh

Reference:- ( British journal of sports medicine)

Many people prefer warm shower to cold showers. However some studies have shown that using cold water may be beneficial to physical and mental health , from this article I just want to unlock various benefits of cold shower.
Cold water increases the body metabolism because it has to work harder to maintain a stable temperature, it also create alertness which may prompt a person to be more physically active and it can reduce depressive symptoms by activating sympathetic nervous system and increase the availability of neurotransmitters such as non adrenaline and enophorins.According to North American general of Medical Science application of cold water can have local anaesthetic like effect for pain relief, exposure to cold water can cause the blood vessels to contract which can reduce any swelling and edema that causes pain.

Various benefits of cold shower:-
1) Increase your alertness.
2) Improve the integrity of blood brain barrier(membrane which protect brain)
3) it can prevent your skin from being stripped from its healthy natural oils.
4) It can lower blood pressure, clear blocked part and improve your immune system
5) Cold shower stimulate brown fat activity
6) Increase muscle recovery and decrease soreness
7) Cold exposure has also been linked to decrease in uric acid level
8) analgesic effect (painkiller)

If we take cold shower at seven consecutive day our body will get adapted to it.

Things to be aware of:-
1) A person should not use cold shower as a replacement for other prescribed medical therapies especially those that doctor prescribes to treat depression.
2) people with Quikr immune system and those with serious heart condition (congestive heart failure) avoid cold showers because the sudden change to body temperature and heart rate may overwhelm the body.

Conclusion– cold shower has numerous of benefits, if we daily take cold showers twice a day a for five minute then it will be beneficial to our physical and mental health.

Thanku for reading this article.

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