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Secret to live longer ( more than 100 years)

Amritesh Singh Thakur, pharmacy student.

29 September 2019


Truly life is beautiful and the mixture of various ups and downs make it more nostalgic. Every moment of life is precious and if it blended with the blessing of long life then it seems like a beautiful garden of rose which is surrounded by a bunch of butterflies.

Living more than 100 years is not a myth, from this article I will introduce some research-based tricks to live a longer and healthier life.

Actually, our brain controls everything and the more we use our brain the younger, the happier and the healthier we will be.

According to some research, the cognitive( brain) function contribute a major factor of living a longer life. The mounting evidence in support of the concept is introduced by Dr grey smali, director of the UCLA centre. According to him the life long mental stimulation improve cognitive( brain performance) function lowers the risk of dementia and increase one’s quality of life.

Age is the greatest risk factor for developing cognitive decline and cognitive functioning is directly correlated to a higher quality of life.

Trust me there are some blue zones in our earth and people in this zone live a life free of disease common to ageing, such as heart disease, diabetes and many more.

It’s not necessary for living more than 100 years we have to reside in a particular place, we just have to change our habits and follow these steps-

1) Eat a plant-based diet food which includes beans, whole grains and veggies.

2) Do not overeat or don’t eat after sunset. Take your meal daily before sunset.

3) Avoid oily and junk food especially which contains gluten.

4) Develop a hobby for a natural movement like walking, jogging, gardening.

5) Take a nap daily or find some other way to ” downshift” daily.

6) Sleep for more than 8 hours (9 pm – 5 am) daily.

7) Increase your brain function by solving puzzles, painting, playing video games or brushing by the non-dominant hand.

Eat much and laugh more is the only secret to live long.

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