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The untold story of a school boy


Amritesh Singh Thakur

Durg Chhattisgarh

Today I just want to share the various challenges that an school boy faces during his journey between class 7 to class 9.Its an story of an average unpopular school boy who hates school a lot.Everyday is just a normal day for others but for this boy it’s nothing more than a disaster.This disaster daily starts with an morning tution classes and deadly torture of the cruel tution teacher and that tution teacher just make the day pathetic by punishing and making a phone call full of complaints to parents and saying that “I am doing my job well but your child don’t want to study ,if he fails don’t blame me”.Then the small innocent child who is hungry too reaches home but who knows in breakfast he will get a long lecture by parents for not studying or not scoring more marks unlike other students.Unfortunately the day is just started and he has to fight the toughest battle of tourtures at school,he daily prepare himself for that battle by wearing the war suite (school dress).This war suite have some special features like tie,belt and an I’d card and whenever the boy is getting late for school bus they just want to play hide and seek with that boy and in all this things the innocent boy daily forgets to polish the shoes and in rush moves to the school bus .The school bus was nothing more then a hell for this boy , in that hell a group of students tortures him a lot ,by making fun of him. This boy suffers a lot in that bus and just get usedtoo of that tourtures (bullies) but when it exceeds beyond a limit this boy react aggressively to them unfortunately he can’t do anything because he was all alone.When the bus reaches its destination (the school) the boy get some relief by the bullies and he enters the 2nd hell. The special part of this 2 Nd hell was that it starts with 3 long prayers and a long lasting speech by the boss of that hell (the principal) .As the assembly disperse a man(spots teacher) in a sports suite with a stick in hand is present near the gate of school building and his only duty is to check the uniform and the shoes…as we know that the small boys forgets to clean his shoes and for this mistake he has to pay a big cost of 30 situps ,after that 30 situps the boy enters the classroom and get quite happy by seeing his best friend ( bench partner) who too suffering from same tortures and presence of that boy makes his day.As the 1st lecture starts the boy a get losts in the dreamworld of endless thought between the lecture if he caught dreaming the innocent boy get ashamed in front of all by the subject teacher. Always the 2nd period is of mathematics and this boy hates maths ,he is unable to solve the problems due to which he cannot complete homework and class work copy and the most dangerous part of the day is when the maths teacher start to check homework of each and every student,as teacher finds his incomplete copy this guy have to neal down in dirty ground and has to complete his pending work ,the most lovely part of school life is the period bell.The period bell is like favourite song for the boy because by hearing it he get realief from all tortures just for 5 minutes but it brings an endless happiness of 5 minutes . After suffering from another lecture this boy get 30 min life or pure breath in this hell as lunch break.
Lunch break can teach any student the lesson of time management because in only 30 minutes every student have to fight with the crowd in canteen for lunch and after completing the lunch they have to play too ,as the period bell rang this time it’s sounds unpleasant to that boy because he has to again attend 3 boring long lasting lectures and punishments too.After all the long lasting lecture at last period this boy is just praying to god please end this day ,may the bell ring and for 5 minutes he again get lost in his dreamworld. When the bell rang his desperation comes to end and like other students this boy gets extremely happy for the relief from the tortures of the jail and when he reach home after suffering tortures again in bus ,the pleasant smell of his favourite dish perpaired for him by his mother act as a pain killers and by enjoying Tv and having snaks this innocent boy forgets every tourtures of all days.

It’s not easy to be a student of class( 7-8) but we all have to learn how to enjoy at the end of the day after suffering from various daily life tortures from this boy.
Thnku for reading this long story.I have just made this one from my personal experiences😅

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