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Trick to make coffee more beneficial

Amritesh Singh Thakur
Durg Chhattisgarh


Most of us even me loves coffee and we all know that coffee reduce stress and increase alertness in our brain. From this article I want to introduce you a trick which can make your coffee work more harder for u and tends to increase your brain performance .

So make your coffee by adding 100mg L-Theanine (easily available in medical store) + 200 mg coffee +
5 ml coconut milk.

L- theanine is a non dietary amino acid found and an nootropic cognitive enhancing drug (100% legal) found in green tea (camellia sinensis) and a mushroom Xerocomus balidus . L theanine can help in improving cognitive function by reducing mental fatigue and stress, It’s also a natural anxiolytic which means it can contribute to reducing anxiety as well as boosting level of gaba in brain.
The caffeine can pass our blood brain barrier (membrane which protects brain) this is the reason it has such significant effect on our alertness.
It also have numerous other benefits and chest reduce risk of mouth and throat cancer and it can reduce our risk of stroke by almost 22% . It can reduce the jitters and anxiety from coffee but also amplify the good side effect of caffeine.
L – Theanine is similar to neurotransmitter L glutamate and l glutamine. L theanine is one of the very few nootropic that can boost Alpha brain waste promoting alert relaxation and theta waves associated with creativity and relief from trauma. It it also increase the the Gaba , serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters level and producing the energizing and calming effect and improving cognition , memory and sleep cycle.
So add this drug L-theanine in your coffee and make your coffee smarter.
Thank you for reading this article.

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