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Focus and distraction


Amritesh Singh thakur

(Pharma student)

We are not machine and we can’t follow commonds like machine. Actually no human being can focus like a machine,it’s a myth.

In this modern era many parents,teachers and even students  are in trouble that they find various difficulties in focusing during studies and due to various distraction the productivity decreases. Let’s consider a case of a student, who has to prepare for his final exam within a week and during exam preparation, he try to focus for 10 min and then he opens the social media and got distracted for more than a hour and the final productivity of student on that day will not  be more than 2 hour and in guilt of wasting a whole day, he can probably waste another day. Is this case sounds familiar to you?


Any motivational speaker and teachers can tell you how to be focused but no one deals about distraction. According to me distraction is a normal process and being distracted is not wrong. If we want to concentrate and increase our productivity then first we have to learn that, how to manage distractions.

Let’s consider a story of a wise king and a curious boy. The king was very powerful and he has decorated his kingdom very well, his palace has various beautiful gardens and fountains. One day a small boy asked the king, that how I can be wise and successful like you, please tell me the secret of your success. The king smiled and gave him a lemon and spoon  and told him to put the lemon on spoon and directed to hold the spoon with teeth and guided him to explore  the palace but he puts the condition that lemon should not fall. The boy agreed and within a hour he expored the palace too, without letting the lemon fall. Then the king asked the boy that, while exploring did you noticed the beautiful fountains and garden of my palace. The boy said no I was focused in balancing the lemon and that’s why I can’t see the fountains and garden. Then the king told the boy to explore the palace again and this this time, he guided him to observe the beautiful garden and fountion too, but the condition was same. He has to prevent the lemon from falling.

This time the boy can’t manage to balance the lemon and within a while the lemon falls from the spoon. The boy went to the king and told him that the garden and fountains are very beautiful but I got distracted and that’s why I failed this time to balance the lemon. Then the king smiled and told the boy that the secret of success is in balancing the lemon while enjoying the beauty of gardens and fountain. The boy understand that the secret of sucess is in being focused while enjoying the distraction too.


Thank you for reading this article.

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