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Plan today for better tomorrow.

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Arise awake and stop not until the goal is reached, Swami vivekananda

I have read this thought many time but everytime i was unable to understand the deep meaning of this line. We all know the greatness of Swami vivekananda ji, he was a great influencer of all time and his books and lines are influencing us till now to be the best version of ourselves. Swami ji give this thoughts with a great vision and if we got familiar with that vision then, no one can stop us to be successful.From this article i will try to simplify this thought and introduce you a trick to execute this thought in our daily life for a successful tomorrow.

Success belong to those who prepare it today. We all have goals in our life and to achieve that we know we have to work hard today, but the problem is that we don’t know how to start? We make various time tables and do certain planning to achieve that goal but everytime we got failed to execute it and unable to stick with it.We all come across days when we wake up knowing that we have to do lot of thing but we can’t make our mind, what to do first?
Where to start? Because everything is important.
Here i have a story for you, there was a boy who was preparing for his exam and he has to cover a bucket load of syllabus, he know that he has lot to read and he can’t afford to waste his time. He wake up early next morning and lie on bed by thinking he has so much to do “where do I start”, which subject I read first, Do I start with this subject or do I complete my revisions? And the anxiety of decision making started troubling him and to avoid it it he started scrolling Instagram and Facebook feeds and when he realise that he just wasted the most effective time of morning , he finally drag his feet and started studying but the guilt of wasting the precious time of morning make him more tensed.Then he tell himself that he will not repeat this tomorrow and as we all know that this tomorrow never comes. Did that story sounds familiar?

Ever morning most of us struggle to decide what to do and where to start? So my aim from this article is to introduce you a technique which can help us to decide things and make our day more productive.This technique is known as PTT ( plan tomorrow today).Every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution.
So the question is how to plan today for tomorrow?
Every night when we go to bed we have to take a piece of paper and make a list of tasks which we have to perform tomorrow like completing a particular topic or chapter or anything important and be specific about your tasks. Next thing is to prioritize the list, arrange them according to their value.This step is important because sometime we cannot complete all the task but by prioritising we can at least complete the most important task.
The most important thing we have to to follow in this technique is to get stick with a particular task and after it’s completion perform another.Don’t try to perform multitasking, actually multitasking is a myth and if we complete one task we will be more satisfied and confident . Leaving a task incomplete and moves to another can make us feel anxious.
If we do multitasking aur jumping over another task without completing one task we will feel of achieving nothing even after slogging for hours .Actually our brain doesn’t register incomplete tasks and performing multi task can feel us of doing nothing so use this technique wisely for making your day more productive and to increase your focus use pomodoro technique which I have discussed earlier.
If we plan the day night before, we can feel more relaxed and at next morning we have a proper list of tasks to perform and this can save our precious time of morning which we waste in planning and this make us easy to start our day by performing one task to another.

Plan today to climb the mountain of success tomorrow, otherwise you will waste the precious tomorrow by planning not executing.Education is the passport to future and tomorrow belong to those who prepare it for today.
By this technique, we have a certain plan and to execute this we have to arise awake and stop not until the goal is achieved.

Thank you for reading this article.

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