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Multitasking is a myth

Amritesh Singh thakur

01 September 2019

Are we doing things wrong ?

We all think that we are multitaskers and most of us are in the illusion that multitasking is beneficial to us but the reality is completely different. Multitasking is a hurdle which slows us down in the race of success. In the name of multitasking, we simply waste our time by switching from one task to another. Multitasking divides our attention and leads to confusion and weakened focus.

We are creaters and changemakers and  we are capable of doing many things, but we can’t and shouldn’t try to do ” all the things”concurrently. Caffeine – fueled or not we are a creator not a computer.Multitasking is a habitual behaviour and we are completely strucked in it.

We all perform multitasking and we all are guilty of it –

1) we all watch tv while taking lunch or dinner.

2)most of us constantly check whats up or Instagram while sitting with family or studying.

3)many of us text or call while driving (it’s dangerous too).

Now the question is why multitasking is considered an asset or a skill to be cultivated? Why most multitaskers are admired for their efficiency ?

I think multitasking could be great if existed but it doesn’t.

Many students while studying have a lecture video in front, a textbook open and on a while, they solve MCQ and think they are productive. According to the University of Chicago, multitasking makes us less creative and most of the multitasker have a hard time daydreaming and having ideas because of their brain gets exhausted. As per the French national institute of health, multitasking cause mistakes and scientists say that switching tasks makes u almost half as productive.

From this article, my motive is to make you understand that multitasking is not as good as it seems and I will also introduce a technique to avoid it.

First of all, we have to understand the meaning of the task, the task is an activity which we need to perform like reading, eating, jogging etc. Tasks are of two types, one is a conscious task and another one is background task. In the conscious task, we have to remind  attention while performing it and in a background task, much attention is not required.

Multitasking means trying to performing two or more than two conscious tasks at the same time as preparing for the exam while watching a cricket match and the strange one is when students in a class while listening to the lecture try to find the content in the book to underline when the teachers explain.

If we ask any multitasker how they feel after completing various tasks at the same time they all will say great because of they are getting many things done and if we complete any task then our brain release dopamine as a reward which makes us feel great and when we switch from one tasks to another we feel sense of accomplishment which makes us happy and temts us to be a multitasker.

When we do multitask we keep moving our focus from one task to another so we essentially not multitasking we just switch our attention from one task to another, actually it is task switching and we just switch our focus back and forth from one task to another and switching from one task to another can disturb our neural signal and it can lead to cognitive overload which makes our brain tired.

Now the question is how to overcome multitasking?

Multitasking is not an skill to develop it just an habitual behaviour which makes an illusion of success. To stop multitasking use Pomodoro technique which I have discussed in my previous article. Focus on any task for 30 min then take 5 min rest then again switch to focus and perform same task or another task. Use an application named” tide” for better performance.

Another solution is to kill the option which forces us to multitask. Like  switch of the mobile phone while studying, turn off the tv and Netflix while eating.

Multitasking is a myth and we are not robots or computers which are designed to multitask.

Focus on one task at a time for better result.

Be a focus ninga not a multitasker.

Thank you for reading this article.

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