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Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes

Amritesh Singh Thakur.                                  Durg chattisgarh

Dear God, I hate u a lot for giving me a life full of problems but my love for u is far more than hate.Yes you have created our destiny and uploaded problems in it, then also i love u because in every problems you were there to support and help me in form of a friend.Friendship is not just a relation of two or more, it’s an religion which unite the two or more soul together to live the life happily.Every relationship needs some sacrifices but friendship is the only relation which is based of sacrifices. A true soldier sacrifice his life for his country, similarly a true friend can sacrifice anything for his friendship.
Our journey of life is divided in many phases and in each phase there always be a friend present to makes that phase memorable.Lets consider our childhood phase, the phase of innocence in this phase we get our true and best friend in the form of siblings.As per my thinking any one who make any phase of life memorable is our friend and siblings are always our best friends because we play together, we eat together, we laugh together and cry together.If you have enjoyed your childhood with siblings then believe me you will never feel lonely and siblings are those special friends who will always be there for u in crises.As we move to school phase, the school is the place where we make lots of friend but most of them are not more then facebook friend but at class 11th and 12th we get some bunch of crazy people who help us to realize that school life is always be the great phase of our life.

Many people will walk in and out of our life but one true friend will leave footprint in your heart.We have many friends in our school, college and social media but whenever we are in trouble there always a friend present who help us after abusing and we call him/her as our true friend. Having a true friend is like having a precious and rare diamond and if you treat them just like common stone then it can be robbed for ever.A true friend is one, who knows you more then you. He/she irritates you, fights with you, appreciates you and even scolds you for your wrong deeds but he/she will always be there for u whenever you are in need.
Now the question is how do we get a true friend?
I will try to answer this by simply notice the person who are happy for your happiness, sad for your sadness, proud in your achievements and angry in your irresponsibilities .Once you notice a friend with all there qualities you can get a true friend.A true friend is one who knows you as you are, understand where you have been , accepts what you have become and still allows you to grow.
Friendship is the only relation in which we have freedom to choose ,we cannot choose our parents, teachers and siblings but we can choose our friends.In this 21st century most people hate each other due to jealousy, they judge people before making them friends and due to all this most of them are lonely in this crowded world.
From this article i want to circulate a message to everyone who is seeking for a true friendship that, dont judge your friend, don’t get offend by them easily, don’t get jealous of their achievements and be kind hearted , if you can transform yourself you can get a true friend and if you have a true friend don’t lose them.In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friend.Lets be grateful to people who try to make you happy, they are charming gardner who make our soul blossom.

The greatest gift of God is friendship and i have received it.

Thank you for reading this article and special thanks to all my true friends for being in my life.
Happy friendship day to all.

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