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Life always begins with one step outside of our comfort zone

Amritesh Singh Thakur.                                 Pharmacy student

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Everything we believe is possible, if we have the courage to make it possible. Courage is an emotion which comes from self belief and motivation, if we have the courage to achieve something with full dedication then the destiny will give you opportunity with full enthusiasm. But we can seek that opportunity only when we have the courage of stepping out from our comfort zone and destructive emotions.Success can give us endless comfort and to achieve it we have to do something uncomfortable today by stepping out of box for better tomorrow.

From this article, I want to draw all your attention towards the limitation of being confined in comfort zone and introduce you the method to get escape form this zone.

The comfort zone is a a psychological state in which one feel familiar, safe, at ease and secure. Comfort zone is an known path in which many people are walking, no matter they are successful or not and if we walk at that path we will have less fear and feel quite comfortable but if we take another least travelled path, where destination and success ratio is unknown then we will feel like uncomfortable and move our every step in fear.If we have the courage to move forward in fear then it is pretty much clear that we will get endless comfort after fighting from fear by enjoying success.

Comfort zone is equivalent to stage fear (phobia), everyone has equal capability to speak and perform in front of crowd and speaking in front of crowd can make us uncomfortable but it is better to be uncomfortable alone in stage then clapping in crowd with jealousy and rage.

  • In a class of 60 students, some are good some are bad in academics but suceess is waiting for those who is dedicated to being unique in croud of 60 by moving in path away from everyone’s and his comfort zone.


The zone of success is divided in four zone-

1)comfort zone

2)fear zone

3)learning zone

4)growth zone

In confort zone we feel safe and in control. This zone is enemy of our achievement and its wall act as a cage and for having a satisfying life we have to take risk to break the cage of destructive thought and have to move forward. When we take a step ahead from comfort zone, we get enter in fear zone. This zone demotivate us a lot, moving in this zone is like seeking a advise from negative people.In this zone we will find excuses and our mind forces us to take a step back towards comfort zone, we can easily be affected by others opinions in this zone.So to escape this zone we have to develop a strong self believe and inner motivation.Once we move forward from fear zone, we will enter learning zone. In this zone we don’t need any motivation actually our curiosity will help to make ourself successful. In this zone we will aquire new skill and become capable to deal with challenges and problem but some people make this learning zone as their comfort zone and get confined in it.So in order to achieve success we have to extend this learning comfort zone to growth zone.

Once when we enter growth zone we will be capable to set a goal and follow them with dedication without any motivation.

Success comes to those who are willing to take risks. It’s not sure that if we move forward from comfort zone we will get 100% success but the journey we travel to get success will give lot of experience and one day this experience will help you to be successful. We all know that Mahendra Singh dhoni was a ticket collecter in railways at a comfortable job but he had taken risk and applied his all potential to make that risk worthy that’s why he became one of the best cricketer. He has taken risk but at the same time he was calculated too. He told to himself if he will not get sucees in cricket line he will definitely join other line. So like Mahi we have to take calculated risk for moving in uncomfortable path.

Now the question is how to leave our comfort zone?

We all know it is very difficult to leave our comfort zone and impossible at first glance.

So to leave comfort zone we have to make daily targets which is out of our zone and dedicated the day to complete those target and once you get used to of it you can easily take a step forward from your comfort zone.

Once Dr Apj Abdul Kalam Ji has said to all youth that ” Ask yourself a question – what you will be remembered for and once you find the answer of this question then an endless energy from your soul will drag you from your comfort zone and make your mind to think out of the box to be unique and successful.


Thank you for reading this article.





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